There is a bitterness attached to the soul of a woman who gives attention without receiving it in return.

The stickiness of dried tears and a yearning heart ,the weakness in her knees from watching her lover ignore her .

There is a pain attached to every unreturned kiss and “I love you ” spoken .

Every dream becomes a nightmare and every thought becomes a doubt.

There is a crack of sadness behind the beautiful mirror of every single smile.

The soul of a woman who gives affection without getting it in return .

Who still stands on faith , holding on to hope with a firm belief in love .

There is no healing, no remedy , no salve for the wound .

That’s a soul willing to fight, to never give up; holding on to the pieces of herself that are still pure and true .

Still willing to share something so amazingly beautiful, passionate and strong.

Let not the tears of your mind dampen the pages of your heart, for there is something special about having experienced both love and heartbreak. The intrinsic weave that connects the two.

A sweet duet between glowing in the passionate embrace of love and sitting on the steps of pain.

There is something uniquely special in feeling your heart dancing at the sight of love and the brokenness of betrayal.

Recovering from a torn heart is the Avant Garde of love .

For the dawn is always the perfect time to dance through the pain